Security and safety

At Little Footprints we take your child’s safety extremely seriously, and safeguarding children will always be our number one priority. With this in mind, we heavily supervise visitors in and out of the building and if our team members do not know who is at the door, the visitor is not let into the building until management check and authorise entry. This means you can feel reassured that with us, your child will be happy, safe and secure.

Please remember it is vitally important for the safety of all our children that you close the door securely behind you and that you do not hold the door open for other people. Everyone is asked to use the doorbell to gain access into the building. Visitors to the nursery will be asked to sign in and out to record their visit.

Risk Assessments

As you would expect, all our activities are subject to comprehensive risk assessments, so you can be confident that we have considered your child’s safety at every step.


At Little Footprints we use rigorous recruitment processes and pre-employment checks to ensure staff who join our team are suitable for the responsibilities childcare with us requires. We also ensure that our team has continuous development, refresher training for mandatory courses which staff are obliged to attend as well as working with the Early Years Team within West Berkshire Council. We also offer exciting learning environments and maintain a wide range of experiences to best support each child’s journey with us.